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Acrylic Painting: Week 3 of a 6 week series in the studio

 Negative space painting and Symbolism

Think of a story or message you’d like to tell in a painting- How would you paint it? Symbolism paintings are fascinating. I’ll show you some great examples for inspiration and then help you to create your own.

No matter what your skill level I’ve put together a schedule for the next 6 weeks where you’ll learn several techniques and processes in drawing, acrylic, oil and watercolor painting plus collage and encaustic painting with cold wax. It’s a well rounded series and we’ll talk about example artists and a little art history. I’m going to give you a small sketchbook in the first class and each week we’ll make notes and examples so by the end of the series you’ll have a great reference book full of your new skills and art knowledge.

Each class is about 2 hours and all supplies are included. Prices are for one on one instruction at $25 for a hour or $40 for 2 hours. Classes are in my New Martinsburg studio on Saturday’s- contact me to secure a time if you are interested.